How a virtual CFO help you avoid the disruption that has crippled the Taxi industry?

By David Officen, proCFO Disruption is a ‘buzz’ word that is creating fear for many business owners. No-one wants their industry to be the next Uber or Air BnB. Successful businesses will continue to innovate to avoid this happening. One of the current trends is towards transforming paper-based processes into an automated workflow and digitising…Read More→

5 Benefits of Hiring a Business Improvement Coach

By David Officen, proCFO When you enlist the assistance of a business improvement coach, you optimise business transactions and streamline your operations. Operating your own business comes with many challenges. How does a business coach help businesses? Here are five benefits of hiring a business improvement coach. Objective point of view When you bring a…Read More→

5 Ways to Build Your Influence Through LinkedIn

By David Officen, proCFO How often when you’ve been preparing for a meeting have you looked up the person you are about to meet on social media?  I’m sure most of us do this regularly.  Whilst there’s still a lot of people who think social media is only for the “young ones” the reality is…Read More→

Will Managerial Accounting Methods Help Improve Your Small Business?

By David Officen, proCFO As a business owner, you need to make wise decisions about spending so your company can stay afloat.  But, if you’re like many who own a business, you’re so busy juggling all your roles that you don’t take the time to prepare financial updates more than once a year, at tax…Read More→

5 Ways to Enhance Accountability (& Boost Productivity) in Your Business

By David Officen, proCFO I am all too familiar with productivity, as a virtual CFO with a background in public accounting. Accounting firms insist on accountability for every 6 minutes. But how do you improve this for you and your team? In “15 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work,” John Rampton (writing for Inc.) offers…Read More→

How to Turn Business Cards into Actual Business

If you’re like most in business, you have a large and ever-growing collection of business cards. You may get these at networking events as well as from people you meet in various situations. How many of these business cards have ever translated into a sale or new client? In most cases, business cards get forgotten…Read More→

5 Reasons You Need an Effective Business Networking Strategy

By David Officen, proCFO Imagine for a moment that you own a printing business. Your website has served you well for 5 years, but now you want to update it because your business has changed. You’d like to add some new service pages and delete some old ones, you want the navigation to be more…Read More→

How a Clever Guarantee Made this Business Number 1 in Their Market

By David Officen, proCFO Can a virtual CFO really help your business?  This case study is from one of our clients, who show the value a professional could add to your business. The company The client, who we’ll call ABC, was a supplier of printer consumables such as toners, ink cartridges, printer ribbons etc. They sold…Read More→

6 Tips to Help Your Startup Business Succeed

By David Officen, proCFO If this is your first year as the owner of your own business (startup), there are 2 things you need to know. The first is that most new businesses in Australia eventually fail, about 95% according to a recent study from BlueChilli. The second is that you don’t have to be one of them. Why…Read More→

4 Smart Strategies to Generate and Share Positive Customer Reviews

By David Officen, proCFO If you own a business, you probably like it when a customer posts a good review online, but you might not think it’s all that important. That’s especially true if you get most of your business through referrals—after all, referrals don’t care about reviews, right? Wrong—they might not care how many positive…Read More→