Sometimes an outsider can tell you more about yourself and your business than some of your most trusted colleagues in your company.  That’s because they bring a fresh perspective to the business problems you confront every day.  That’s just one of the benefits you’ll see when you hire a business improvement coach.

Einstein Had It Right

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Yet that’s what millions of small business owners do every day.  Sales remain flat for months, or even years, but the business continues to push failed marketing strategies.  Employee turnover reduces productivity and increases costs, but businesses fail to address the underlying problems that lead to unhappy workers.  When things need to change, when you need a fresh perspective and innovative ideas—that’s the time to consider hiring a business improvement coach.

What A Coach Can Do for Your Business

Remember the old standard that if you put a frog in tepid water and gradually increase the temperature to the point of boiling, the frog will stay right where it is—and eventually boil to death?  Well, it’s not true.  In fact, when the water becomes sufficiently hot, a frog will scramble out—because even a frog knows when it’s in trouble.  Entrepreneurs whose businesses are barely surviving could take a lesson.

A business improvement coach will bring objectivity to the problems you face every day.  He will recognize, and tell you, when you’re sitting in a pot of boiling water and show you how to lower the temperature.  He’ll challenge your assumptions, check your ego, and suggest solutions that might not have occurred to you.

Here are 5 key benefits of hiring a business improvement coach:

  1. He’ll pull you out of your comfort zone:  inertia — repeating the same actions again and again because they’re familiar and comfortable can hurt your business.  Your coach will encourage you to adopt new strategies based on a careful analysis of what’s working and what isn’t.  He’ll give you the support you need to do not what’s comfortable, but what increases the odds of success.
  2. He’ll bring single minded focus to your business:  each of your employees has his or her own area of accountability, but there’s really no one in your company (other than you) whose sole focus is the success of your overall business.  A good coach will learn how your business works and be able to spot areas that need improvement.  And he’ll give you his full attention is pointing those problem areas to you.
  3. He won’t be a “yes man” —it’s hard to know if you’re getting an unbiased opinion from people who work for you.  After all, they depend on you for their livelihood.  A business improvement coach is someone who won’t be afraid to correct you.  Nor will he be afraid to confront you when he disagrees with one of your decisions or plans.  That means you’ll be getting invaluable, objective advice from someone who cares as much about your success as you do.
  4. He’ll provide a reality check:  you’re busy running the everyday affairs of your business.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t frequently have innovative ideas for improvement.  Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time to test whether those ideas are realistic.  Your coach will tell you which ideas are worth pursuing and those that are better left on the drawing board.
  5. He’ll expand your networking opportunities:  a good business coach brings a lot of important contacts to your business.  He’ll know when it’s appropriate to put you in touch with those people, including knowledgeable leaders in your industry.  And because he’s on your side he’ll be an important advocate on your behalf with business people who can make a difference.


Successful sports teams can’t succeed without an experienced and qualified coach.  Someone to show team members where they’re lacking and what steps they need to take to improve their performance. Your business improvement coach serves a similar function.  In monthly face-to-face meetings he can help you with everything from annual planning to cash flow monitoring, identifying sources of government funding, and ongoing strategy planning.  To learn more about the ways an experienced business improvement coach can help you grow your business and increase sales, contact us today.

About David Officen

David Officen

proCFO Founder and Managing Director

David is the Founder and Managing Director of proCFO. David combines an accounting and consulting background with commercial experience both as a manager for large commercial businesses and as the owner of private and family businesses.




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