Are You a Manager or a Leader?

A good question to ask if you’re in Management is, Are you a Manager or a Leader? In this week’s blog, virtual CFO David Officen looks at what makes a manager, a good leader. Can you imagine a sporting team being successful without a captain and strong leaders? Nor can I.  Well business is just…Read More→

4 Steps to Overcoming Fear of Change in Your Business

By David Officen, proCFO Your virtual CFO has given you a swathe of new ideas and strategies to implement. It’s a new year and you’ve decided THIS YEAR will be different. Better. But workplace change, in fact, any change, can be difficult. Maybe because of fear.  Or perhaps there is a belief that there’s nothing…Read More→

Is your Business Protected Against the Loss of a Key Person?

By Ryan Addison, Vision Financial Strategies Within a beehive, there are thousands of hard-working bees. The worker bees spend their lifetime successfully harvesting nectar to convert to honey for their queen, and the queen, in turn, secures the ongoing survival of the hive. But what would happen to a beehive if the queen were to…Read More→

Is Your Business Holiday Ready?

It’s time for the holiday season to begin, and with it, a host of responsibilities for your business. Are you ready to tackle the holiday season head-on, from the increase in festivities to the several day shut-down that occurs around the holidays? This checklist will help ensure that your entire business is prepared for the…Read More→

6 Aspects of an Effective Shareholder Agreement

By David Officen, proCFO There are few ventures as exciting as starting a new business. However, bringing together the collective expertise of your team will inevitably result in disagreements, conflicts, and clashing visions. This is why a shareholder or partnership agreement must be an essential part of your business. Without an agreed-upon instrument to govern…Read More→

What to Look for in a virtual CFO

By David Officen, proCFO Shockingly, well over half of businesses in Australia do not have a trusted financial person that they liaise with at least once a month.  Despite the importance of good financial management, many business owners are hesitant to employ a professional CFO to help in the development of their business.  Neglecting this…Read More→

How a virtual CFO help you avoid the disruption that has crippled the Taxi industry?

By David Officen, proCFO Disruption is a ‘buzz’ word that is creating fear for many business owners. No-one wants their industry to be the next Uber or Air BnB. Successful businesses will continue to innovate to avoid this happening. One of the current trends is towards transforming paper-based processes into an automated workflow and digitising…Read More→

5 Benefits of Hiring a Business Improvement Coach

By David Officen, proCFO When you enlist the assistance of a business improvement coach, you optimise business transactions and streamline your operations. Operating your own business comes with many challenges. How does a business coach help businesses? Here are five benefits of hiring a business improvement coach. Objective point of view When you bring a…Read More→

5 Ways to Build Your Influence Through LinkedIn

By David Officen, proCFO How often when you’ve been preparing for a meeting have you looked up the person you are about to meet on social media?  I’m sure most of us do this regularly.  Whilst there’s still a lot of people who think social media is only for the “young ones” the reality is…Read More→

Will Managerial Accounting Methods Help Improve Your Small Business?

By David Officen, proCFO As a business owner, you need to make wise decisions about spending so your company can stay afloat.  But, if you’re like many who own a business, you’re so busy juggling all your roles that you don’t take the time to prepare financial updates more than once a year, at tax…Read More→