Case Studies

ProCFO’s services have been provided to a number of businesses, from a wide range of sizes, industries and goals. Read through our case studies to see how we have radically improved businesses we’ve worked with in the past:

Case Study – Accounts Payable Processing

I had a client come to me recently saying their internal bookkeeper had just informed them of a family tragedy and that they needed to take immediate leave for 2 weeks. This person had sole responsibility for accounts payable processing and the business could not afford to just leave this function unattended. Within 24 hours…Read More→

Case Study – Bookkeeping Mistakes

These are the most common bookkeeping mistakes that I have observed across my 20 year accounting career.  When your accountant has to find and correct these bookkeeping errors you are paying an expensive accountant to fix something that you have already paid your bookkeeper to do.  In some instances I have seen the corrections make…Read More→

Case Study – Pricing

Getting the pricing right on all the products and lines of your business can be quite a challenge.  Especially when the economic climate isn’t great.  It requires reading the market, negotiating with customers and responding to changes in raw materials prices.  But above all it requires courage! proCFO recently completed an assignment with a company…Read More→

Case Study – Voice of the customer (VOTC) project

Can a virtual CFO really help your business?  This case study is from one of our clients, who show the value a professional could add to your business. The company The client, who we’ll call ABC, was a supplier of printer consumables such as toners, ink cartridges, printer ribbons etc. They sold these to stationers, newsagents…Read More→

Case Study – Electrical Contractor

Some people feel their business is too small to use the services of a virtual CFO.  However, in the case of an electrical contractor client, a virtual CFO service proved to be the perfect fit. We ran our unique Voice of the Team workshop and uncovered a fantastic solution that saved this electrical contracting business time…Read More→