Management consulting in proCFO – Perth

Four pillars of success

Our service offerings cover four broad areas. When you are looking to improve your business performance and you want to unlock your true potential, please get in touch.

  • Leadership
  • Business Improvements
  • Strategy
  • Research


Human Capital for many businesses still remains the most expensive and sub optimal investment.


At proCFO, our leadership training modules demystify the ‘art’ of people management. We create clear pathways to establish outstanding leadership and management practices.

We believe in giving people experiences that make them thinkfeel and behave in a way that helps them achieve their true potential. To this end, we’ve combined the best of contemporary leadership and human resource practices with the latest research in neuroscience and organisational psychology. We create innovative programs that captivate the imagination – light bulb moments!

We build people’s skills, knowledge and spirit in line with business requirements. We focus on what needs to be done differently. Together, we measure, benchmark and achieve.

Business Improvement

The world is changing rapidly. Businesses that thrive in the 21st century will be those that remain relevant and adjust to ever changing conditions.

Our Business Improvement solutions are practical, actionable and outcome oriented.

Some of the key areas we specialise in include:

Improving what you are already doing
We offer consulting solutions that incorporate Lean processes and best practice development.

Innovating and doing new things
We’ll work with you to unleash innovation in your organisation. We provide a framework to create meaningful innovation processes and harness the creativity of your people.

Change Management
Your people need to be able to embrace and adopt change. Our change management framework is designed to drive and embed real change.

Organisational Design
We work closely with you to ensure your organisational design provides the best framework for you to be successful.

We work with you to develop dashboards that measure the lead and lag indicators that really matter.

Contingency Planning
We will help you to understand the micro and macro factors which may impact your business and “plan for the worst whilst hoping for the best”.


Successful organisations have a clear understanding of their purpose, where they are headed and how they will get there.

Successful businesses engage their people and customers to create a common vision for the future, with everyone on the same page.

proCFO can work with you to build:

Organisational Strategy
We develop strategic plans that detail the pathway to the future. We work collaboratively with executive teams to build their business strategy using a wide range of contemporary frameworks.

Brand Strategy
It’s critical to understand how you can differentiate from competitors and what your competitive advantage is. We develop brand promises and the enabling behaviours to ensure your brand delivers consistently to your clients. We do this using insight gleaned from research and competitive analysis.

Brand Behaviour
Our belief is that every customer interaction is a moment of truth. We work with clients to ensure that promises made externally to customers are delivered consistently internally by their people and processes. Brand promise consistency is key to brand success.

Management consulting
We work with clients to build marketing plans and strategies that position them optimally for growth. We also work with external advertising agencies to ensure creative implementation reflects the strategy behind the brand.

Brand Measurement
With research we can monitor brand performance both externally and internally.




Using research we develop organisational and marketing strategies to encourage business success.

Successful strategy is based on a deep understanding of how employees, clients and potential clients feel about an organisation and its market. Research can deliver insight and understanding and help organisations objectively assess their current state.

proCFO provides a broad range of research services to enable organisations to understand how different stakeholder groups see them. That doesn’t mean we focus on providing clients with volumes of useless data; it means we deliver meaningful insight that can be used to improve performance and develop strategy.

To achieve this, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques that deliver employee and customer insight.


  • A great combination of technical & people skills, strong business development focus.

    Simon Creek, Managing Director HHG Legal Group
  • A professional who is part of your business to assist its growth & deliver a better way.

    Mark da Silva, Concept Marketing
  • Vital business planning, ability to come up with alternatives was invaluable.

    Andrew Slomp
  • Instrumental in expanding… became the framework of our success…

    David Egerton-Warburton
  • Keeps client’s interests at heart at all times, very versatile business expertise.

    Raghav Mehra, HR Catalyst
  • The proCFO team are the utmost professionals.

    Marama Carmichael
  • Fantastic service from proCFO team of professionals.

    Aaron O’Brien
  • proCFO has been beyond helpful in giving direction and helping our business.

    Donna Cortese
  • David Is A “Straight To The Point” Kind Of Guy And That’s Exactly How I Like It.

    Chris Bowey