Have you ever wanted to bring purpose and meaning to your business through giving?

Now you can with B1G1 – business for good.

We use B1G1 within our Virtual CFO business by donating a whole year’s supply of vitamin A supplements to prevent child blindness to children in Turkana, Kenya every time we make a sale, and 150 days of access to reading materials to girls in Cambodia every time we receive a new referral.

Let us show you, how you too, can bring purpose and meaning to your business through giving.

What is B1G1? 

Originally known as ‘Buy 1 Give 1’, B1G1 makes business giving easier than ever, with a service which allows you to donate a portion of your business earnings to various causes and projects around the world.

The idea is that businesses would make a giving impact on each designated business transaction.

Today, the BIG1 initiative has more than 2,100 businesses from around the world – each making different and significant impacts every day.

How does B1G1 work?

Sounds pretty awesome right?  But how does it all work?

There are just three simple steps to get on your way to give:

  1. Choose your cause

Whether you choose one cause or more, the first step is to choose from 800 carefully screened, high impact projects which are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set up by global leaders, to create a sustainable future for the world.

Some of the Projects include:

  • Give medication to a nursery school child
  • Give a woman access to family planning awareness
  • Empower a disadvantaged girl to pass her exams
  • Give a heart warming hot drink to a homeless person
  • Plant a tree

As you can see, there are some amazing and extremely worthy causes to contribute to and with so many, you’re sure to find a cause which resonates with you.

  1. Decide how your business will give

The way you decide how your business will give depends on your way of doing business.

Whether you choose to plant a tree every time you sign a new client on or provide an orphaned with a meal, every time you reach a certain target, with B1G1, you can choose the best way to fit in with yours.

Some businesses even let each individual customer choose a cause to donate to from their own transaction, the choice is yours. 

  1. Share, engage and inspire

Because B1G1 lets you track every single impact you create in real time, you can easily share this with your team, customers or potential customers.

Share your journey of giving with the world and help inspired other business to do so.

So, you see, you really can bring purpose and meaning to your business through giving, whilst putting your why into your business.

At proCFO, our mission as accountants is to give business owners the financial information and advice they need to make good business decisions.  As people, our mission is to help others and make a positive impact on the world.  B1G1 helps us do this, and more, with every single transaction.

Want to find out more about putting the why, into your business for good?  Get in touch with proCFO today.  Not only would we love to share our B1G1 experience with you, we’d love to help your business do good too.

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