By David Officen, proCFO

“Am I the right person to run my company?” If you’re the CEO, Director or Principal, of your own company, this is a fair question. Just because you are currently running your company, does not necessarily mean that you are the right person to be doing so.

Take for instance the CEO who stood up right in the middle of a meeting with a marketing agency and announced that he was not sure he was the right person to run the company.  He then offered open dialogue for others to expand on that statement to see if anyone agreed with him – pretty brave right?  Although he was not sure whether he was the right person to run the company, he was sure he wanted the best for the company, which showed in his willingness to ask the question. Check previous blog post “21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know

Situations such as this (referred to as ‘Imposter Syndrome’) occur more than you may think and it even has a name.  According to a 2014 survey involving 116 CEOs, “The biggest fear is being incompetent, also known as the “imposter syndrome.” “This fear diminishes their confidence and undermines relationships with other executives.

In most cases though, the CEOs suffer through this problem quietly, as they are understandably afraid to admit these fears exist within.

What should I do?

Does the above resonate with you?  Feeling like perhaps you may not be the right person to run your company?

Well, we may have a solution for you.  It takes more than a single person to run a company -both a Conformist and an Innovator, and when these two personality types come together, great things can happen.

What makes an Innovator?

innovator personAn innovator is a person who introduces new ideas, methods and/or products.

They possess some of the following attributes:

  • Divergent thinking
  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Infectious passion
  • Stamina
  • Compelling leadership
  • Courage

What makes a Conformist?

conformist personA Conformist is someone who conforms to expected behaviour or established practices.  In other words, they are a traditionalist and are usually more pragmatic in the way they run things.

They possess some of the following attributes:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Strong level of accountability
  • Sound communication skills
  • Integration of major function
  • Issue resolution

How can they work together?

team working togetherGoing back to the CEO in the boardroom… There was a happy ending to this story.

A staff member (a Conformist) stepped up to the plate and offered to help the CEO (an Innovator), run the company.

The Conformist held the Innovator accountable while ensuring the Innovator was able to continue doing what he does best – motivate his employees and allow the flood that is his many ideas, come to fruition, without the added pressure of performing the other responsibilities, which are more in line with the role of the Conformist.

Together, with the Innovator’s ideas and the Conformist’s structured ways, they made the perfect team! Our blog post tells 10 Tips To Keep Your Business In Peak Health

So, you see, even if you feel you may not be the right person to run your company, it does not mean you have to step down altogether!

Find someone to help.  Someone who has skills which you do not – Someone who is the ‘yin to your yang’, if you will.

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David Officen

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David is the Founder and Managing Director of proCFO.
David combines an accounting and consulting background with commercial experience both as a manager for large commercial businesses and as the owner of private and family businesses.


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